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Tue, Aug. 12th, 2008, 08:09 pm
toto_darling: Hey there!

Name: Anne-Marie
Age: sweet sixteen (:
Location: Hotlanta, Georgia.
Do you like Disney?: I've come to find...that obsession doesn't really cover it anymore. It goes way, way deeper.
Have you ever read the Peter pan book by J.M. Barrie?: No, but I'm planning too after I finish with Beowulf for school. kill me now.
Have you seen Peter Pan by Disney?: uh, I have it on VHS, DVD, & on my ipod.
Return to Neverland?: puhlease. of course.
Favorite peter Pan character?: Wendy Darling.
Why you like Peter Pan?: Well, what's there not to like? It's got everything that a movie, at least Disney, should have it in! Fairies, mermaids, pirates, Injuns, you know. & Plus, even though it's creepy for me to say this, I've always like the little flirtations between Peter & Wendy :)
Hobbies or interest?: dancing, laughing, old-school Disney, the Disney Princesses (I've always considered Alice & Wendy to be Princesses, too!) watching movies, The Office, driving, sleepovers...y'know.
I'm trying out to be a face character at WDW when I'm around 19-20, and I"m short enough to be Alice or Wendy, so that's who I'm hoping for! (Also, Snow White is my favorite, so I kind of want that, too (: )
thanks for reading, buh bye!

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