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Disney's Peter Pan

Fans of the classic Disney Peter Pan

Disneys Peter Pan
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I am a major Disney fan, but i am speciffically a Peter Pan fan! I noticed there where a ton of communities dedicated to the newer version of Peter Pan but little to none of the classic Disney version of the movie. So im creating my own community for all disney pan lovers!

1) no cursing or swearing please
2)Please do not put other down- be nice
3) even though this is a peter pan community, i don't mind if other things are disscussed- if you want to tell us how your day was, go ahead! but try not to just constently post stuff not about the topic.
4) HAVE FUN :)

Thanks to avadaxkedavra for the Really nice Icon!

Do you like Disney? :
Have you ever read the Peter pan book by J.M. Barrie? :
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Return to Neverland?:
Favorite peter Pan character? :
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